STACEY LANE is a self-taught artist who resides in California.   

Her talents consist of residential and commercial murals, interior design, and now story and illustrations for her book series, The Adventures of Skinny Miss S., with this being her debut book.  Stacey was diagnosed with clinical depression in adolescence, with bipolar disorder (manic depression) in her early twenties, and anorexia nervosa by her late twenties, although she had learned to restrict her eating from the young age of two years old.  Stacey was at war with her ever-present demons discoloring and distorting her world. Nevertheless, her ability to vividly re-create her torment in her artwork was not only a refuge for her, but also a record she could share.  Stacey’s willingness and determination to accept professional counseling and proper medication has rewarded her with a quality of life that is exemplary in the treatment of mental illness.


Skinny Miss S. was born in the midst of a deep depressive daydream over thirteen years ago.  It’s safe to say Skinny Miss S. Was Very Depressed is based on a true story, after all, this author’s favorite pastimes are telling stories…and telling the truth.  When asked if Skinny Miss S. is her, Stacey has resolved to answer, “Yes, and no.  When I write for Skinny, or any of her friends, they have always been their own entities as well as reflections of myself and other people in my life.  I also vacillate between characters, better to see and feel, but I wouldn’t know how to write for them if I didn’t know each of their individual stories.  I hope it displays how imaginative one’s mind becomes in order to create survival.”  In addition, Stacey has dedicated time to becoming a Certified Life Coach.  Coaching recovering and medicated persons with depression, bipolar, or eating disorders, she has helped clients through the adjustments necessary to create awareness, acceptance and healing in respect to their condition.  Miss Lane hopes to stir hearts and of course…change minds.

The Book